French Gas-fired Stove - Series 700


Suitable for cooking foods that require gradual and
gradual and simultaneous heating levels with maximum temperature
in the center of the plate and lower on the sides. Heated with a
burner under the plate made of carbon steel that works as a heat accumulator.
that works as a heat accumulator.

Key features:

– Stainless steel construction;

– Carbon steel hot plate with central ring;

– High performance burners;

– Gradual flame adjustment gas valve;

– Stainless steel front panel with bakelite knob;

– Removable drip tray for better sanitation;

– Base module for support (Optional item).


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French Gas-fired Stove – Series 700

Manual | CAD file | Technical Data Sheet

Dimensions (W x D x H): 720x7452x245 mm

Burners: 01

LPG Gas Consumption: 0.65 kg/h

Natural Gas Consumption: 0.79 m³/h

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