Manual Electric Rotisserie EG8

EUROgrill: The best choice for your bakery!

The EUROgrill has a cooking system using a hot air turbine and vertical rotation, uniformly roasting chicken, vegetables and other meats, giving them a much more attractive appearance, leaving them crispy on the outside and incredibly juicy.


✅ Provides impressive cooking visualization generating impulsive sales.

✅ Food sealed inside and out, evenly.

✅ Easy operation, low energy consumption and water saving.

✅ It’s the industry’s fastest convection rotisserie oven, 7 baskets or 8 skewers (not included).

✅Cooks 40 chickens weighing 1 kg in 75 minutes

✅ The glass door creates a nice, eye-catching display with great visual appeal.


Manual Electric Rotisserie EG8
Manual | CAD File | Datasheet

Dimensions (L x P x A): 1025x815x1070 mm

Cooking time: 75 min

Capacity (chickens): up to 40

Skewers (unit): 8

Basket/support (unit): 7

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