Gas-fired Cauldron - Series 900


Ideal for cooking several types of food in large quantities
large quantities, providing uniform cooking
through its steam generator. It offers great agility in cooking
cooking of large volumes of meat, vegetables, rice, beans
sauces and pastas.

Key features:

– Extra heavy duty stainless steel construction;

– Steam generator with hermetic system;

– High performance gas burners;

– Automatic lighting system;

– Flame failure protection;

– Pressostatic protection against overpressure;

– Safety valve, aeration and purge.

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Gas-fired Cauldron – Series 900

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Dimensions (W x D x H): 900x960x900 mm

Capability: 180 L

Type: LPG and Natural Gas

LPG Gas Consumption: 1.52 kg/h

Natural Gas Consumption: 1.83 m³/h

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